This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.

What is the goal of MSP?

Understanding that the summer is an amazing opportunity for Bochurim to grow – Our goal this summer is to give Bochurim a Yeshivas Kayitz they will enjoy, which will induce spiritual growth in a family atmosphere, permeated with a love for the Rebbe MH”M. Properly preparing ourselves for the geula shlaima.

Which kind of Bochur is MSP geared towards?

We are geared towards Bochurim who are looking for a program that is very well balanced between learning & farbrengens, together with sports and well-planned trips and schedule. 

Who are your staff going to be? 

B”H, this year MSP has put together a wonderful and devoted group of staff who are experienced in creating a geshmake and Chayusdike environment. All staff were hand-picked by our Menahel Ruchni, Shmuli Bryski, for the time and patience they’re known to put into their job.

How many Bochurim are expected?

For the year 5779 we will be having up to 20 Bochurim.

Is this the first year of MSP?

The Yeshiva Or Menachem of Naperville has led summer programs for the bochurim in their Mesivta, but this year  they are opening up for the local mesivtas and other bochurim for the program.

What is the Yeshiva Or Menachem in Naperville like?

Since 2003, Yeshiva Or Menachem (13-16) is devoted to help each student succeed. With small classes and a high staff-to-student ratio, each student gets personalized attention and constant support to raise their learning level. More information: http://www.ormenachem.com/

What will be the level of learning?

To ensure everyone succeeds to the best of their ability over the summer we will be arranging the classes into different levels of learning.

Please describe the camp grounds.

The program is located in the midst of Quebec’s Laurentian mountains in the town of S. Agathe, around a one hour drive from Montreal. The camp owns approximately 150 acres of land which consist of hiking trails, a private lake, a heated outdoor swimming pool, a Zal, a dining room, and many sports fields. The spacious sleeping dorm buildings include private showers, a dry sauna, a washer and dryer, a lounge area with couches, a game room, and an English library. 

How will the Bochurim be able to call home?

There will be phones available with unlimited calling to the US and Canada (free of charge).

How are the Bochurim getting to and from S. Agathe?

The summer session of 5779 will be Starting on July 10 (Tammuz 7), for 6 weeks, until August 20 (Av 19).

From Crown Heights: There will bez”h be a bus leaving on Tuesday night, July 9, from Crown Heights, which will return on Wednesday morning, August 21 (stay tuned for exact details and pricing).

Flights: All flights should be to the Montreal International Airport (YUL) for Wednesday, July 10. We will bez”h arrange a ride to bring them to S. Agathe. Please contact us before buying the ticket so we can confirm a ride will be available upon arrival.

Drop off: You can drop off your son on Wednesday, July 10. 

How are your meals being prepared?

A professional chef with years of experience in the field, will be preparing 3 nutritious and tasty meals each day in our on-site kitchen.

How many and what kinds of trips will there be?

We will be going on a trip around once a week, in addition to a shabbaton and a 2-day grand trip at the end of the summer. These will be thrilling and adventurous trips, appropriate for Bochurim of this age.

What are the Ruchniusdike standards of MSP?

As expected of a Yeshivas Kayitz, we have high standards which will keep the atmosphere clean and Chassidish. We will send out a complete policy form upon receiving an application.

Will there be sports? 

We will have sports games, led by one of our Shluchim (baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer etc.) 

Will the Bochurim have a place to relax?

Yes. There is a special lounge where the Bochurim are able to play board and card games as well as different reading material. There is also a fridge and freezer their for them to keep food inside.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us